December 2013: Harper landing in Maldives

Harper Seven Beckham and Family are going to celebrate New Years with friends (Ramsay's Family) on Maldives. Harper pictured landing on Maldives on December 27th 2013.

Thanks to Hiba and mojitosay for the links!

Harper was wearing Striped Leggings and Undershirt by Bonton, first seen on July 1st 2013.


  1. Hi! I posted up the Beckhams 2013 christmas card up onto my instagram :) Harper looks so pretty and adorable <3

    It says: "season's greetings" on the card & is addressed; "love from David, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper xxxxxx"

    plus it has a personal note from VB "Suzanne...love Victoria x"


    1. thanks!!! your link is not working though.. and i so some new photos of beckhams leaving Maldives, need to find the source.. help? :)

  2. oh you already posted :D um..where did u see the pics-- I heard they left to Romeo told me on twitter, but the thing is I don't believe he's the real Romeo- so I didn't believe him :P But I'll look around

  3. Harper looks so cute on this getup, but I can not see her latest fashion boots which she wear.