Harper out in London!

Harper Seven Beckham went out for a stroll with Grandmother in Convent Garden, London on October 15th 2012.

Harper was wearing Classic Quilted Jacket in Ice Pink by Burberry.


  1. I prefer her hair this way rather than in the ponytail on top of her head. It was cute the first couple of times and its still cute for a casual day. But they got all dressed up for their trip to London in thousands of dollars of Burberry and Prada and then put her hair like that? It's much cuter down and she looks more polished and less like every other little girl her age that wears their hair like that. imo. what do you thinks?

  2. my fav hairstyle on Harper is when she wears a headband :) yep, i agree with you, they over-used this palm-tree-tail look..

  3. Super blog, congratulates!