Harper arrives to JFK!

Harper Seven Beckham & Victoria pictured arriving at JFK airport on October 21st 2012.

Harper was wearing Lubin Trousers in Ruby FW'12 by Bonpoint.
Harper was holding My Little Pony toy, please leave a comment if you known where to get the exact one :)

iam not a fan of the shoes.. some nike cortez sneakers in bordeaux, not even available on-line.
these were most likely a gift from David..

reported by dailymail


  1. I think this is "My Little Pony: Glimmer Wings - Daisy Dreams" (Long name!)

    Also, is this the same shirt she wore on August 12, at the Olympics closing ceremony rehearsal? Looks like it, but I don't know what brand it is. It's cute, but I don't care for the outfit as a whole.

    I think Victoria is pregnant. I might be wrong, but I think the rumors are true. The reason she wants to have another baby (and a girl) is so Harper has a playmate growing up. I am guessing that she wouldn't want them to be much more than two years apart so they can be close, and now would be about that time. You heard it from Pippa first! haha.

  2. Thx for your comment :)
    not sure about the pony.. Harper's is pink with purple wings..
    agree on the shirt, it looks the same as on August 10th, but i still dont have the id..

  3. I think it's Glimmer Wings, Sweetsong. Look at this picture . . . http://www.flickr.com/photos/57974255@N00/7453469424/
    If you look closely at Harper's you can see that the body of the pony is light purple (lavender) and the hair is pink. But the wings are the best way to compare.
    If you think this is it, you can buy it at Amazon for $20.00. It's a two pony set:

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