Harper at the Hockey Game!

Harper Seven Beckham was exited to see her first hockey game - LA Kings vs San Jose Ducks at Staples Center, LA on May 28th 2013. The Beckham Family was accompanied by the Ramsays and Tom & Conor Cruise.

game info:

this time Harper's outfit was not about fashion, but about staying warm.. :)

Blue Skinny Jeans by 7 For All Mankind.

Harper was wearing Pink Fleece LA KINGS Hoodie by Reebok.

Harper was also wearing Harwell Brown Boots by UGG (first seen on May 18th 2013).


  1. Very cute. Do you know who that is in the row in front of the Beckhams, and the person sharing the drink with Harper in the last picture? Tom Cruise and his son Connor!! That is so exciting. They haven't been seen together since way before the divorce of Katie and tom. And just FYI, they are the San Jose Sharks. The only reason I know is because they are my team and they lost to LA. Boo hoo!

  2. Oops, my bad. You said it was Tom and Connor Cruise in the first part of the post. Sorry! I know you used to do, or still do, the awesome Suri Cruise Fashion Blog so I figured you ought to know who they are. Haha. I Love the crepe top she is wearing. hope we get to see it without the sweater soon. It's one of my fave from the Bonton site. Thanks for the awesome pics.

  3. Thanks for all the info Pippa! yep, i was surprise to see them together.. i guess, David & Tom do keep in touch.. or it could have been a coincidence..
    and in the middle of the post i have the game info :)))

    oh, looking closer at the picture (the quality is off though) its actually David who is holding Harper's drink, she is just standing near Tom..

  4. Got it. Thank YOU for all the info. You're the professional! ;)