April 2013: Harper & David leaving nursery!

Harper Seven Beckham was carried by David while leaving nursery in London on April 29th, 2013.

Harper was wearing Star Party Dress FW'12 (sold-out) by ZEF. (found it!!! =))

David was holding Harper's Gold/Platinum Shoes SS'13 by Marie Chantal.

reported by dailymail


  1. Gucci? Random guess. I cant find a pic or anything. Wish we could see the front. It's probably fall/winter since it's long sleeved (and red). On another note. I LOVE the blue Bonton summer dress she wore this week. I saw it on their website and wondered if we would see harper in any of this seasons items. So happy we did. I would like to see her in the similar fabric (crepe) top and matching bloomer/short, with tiny gold glitter on it. SO CUTE!! Here is the top
    but she is probably too big for this size with the matching bloomer:

  2. Thanks for the input! i dont think that its from Gucci, not their type of print.. :) seeing the front would definitely help..

    i LOVE Bonton's summer line and iam sure that we will see Harper wearing most of it :)

  3. Nice job finding it. I've never heard of Zef. Interesting. Can't wait to see Harper in all of the Bonton!