Haper & Victoria out in Paris!

Harper Seven Beckham and Victoria went out & about in Paris on February 20th 2013.

LOVE Harper's outfit with Red shoes & coat!!!

Harper was wearing Wool Duffle Coat in Military Red by Burberry, Houndstooth Wool Dress FW'12 by Marie Chantal and Ankle Strap Ballerina Shoes in Red FW'12 by Gucci Kids.

reported by dailymail


  1. She looks adorable! How many coats does this kids have thoug? the shoes remind me of Suri's Roger Viviers. And i will say one negative thing....for the love of god, please put her hair down. please please please! She looks so gorgeous with her hair down in a headband or with her bangs pinned back. that cant be too high maintenance....with the bangs pinned back.