UPDATE: Harper shops at Selfridges!

Harper Seven Beckham and her parents were spotted shopping at Celine in Selfridges, London on January 14th 2013.

Harper was stylish as usual in her white coat (looking for id)...

Thanks to Rilla and Emil for the info!


  1. Harper sure has a lot of coats! And theyre all off-white or versions of therof. (except for the pink one a few months back.)
    the coat looks like a Chloe coat i saw online but it had a hood and was made of fur. The one she is wearing could have a hood...hard to tell, but its possible its been removed as so many hoods can be today. Harpers doesnt look like fur, to me anyway, But the two front pockets are very similar to this chloe coat. Anyways, just my thoughts.

  2. She is so cute.. So fashionable in her age..

    Fashion Sense