Who Wore Bonpoint Dress Better - Harper or Seraphina?

Harper's 1st - "Who Wore It Better" Poll!!! :)

Harper wore the Baby version - Jeanni Light Grey Dot Dress, while traveling to London on December 16th 2011.
She paired it with Grey Rib Tights and Velveteen Bow Headband by Bonpoint.
Too matchy-matchy and overload of grey...

Seraphina wore the Toddler version - Joyful Light Grey Dot Dress, while out in Santa Monica, CA on January 31st 2011.
She paired it with Silver Shoes and Cafe Sweatpants, (which look like cuffed leggings to me); for more details on Seraphina's outfit, please click here.
Sera looks cute & casual in her outfit :)
Let's Vote!

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  1. Bonpoint dress is looking very cute on kids. I just can't decide who wore it better. I think both are looking cute with this dress.
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