Harper's Travel Pack by J&J!

Victoria twitted: "Ideal for short trips with baby!!! Baby size!! X vb"

pictured above Johnson's Baby Take-Along Pack available at drugstore for only 3.49 USD!

description: Whether you're on vacation or just out for the day, this assortment of products will help you pack lighter and more quickly. Just grab it and go!
- Baby Shampoo - 1.5 fl oz (44ml)
No More Tears®.  As gentle to eyes as pure water.
- Head -to-Toe® Baby Wash - 1.0 fl oz (29ml)
No More Tears®.  Hypoallergenic.
- Baby Lotion - 1.0 fl oz (29ml)
Hypoallergenic.  Clinically Proven Moisturization.
- Baby Powder Pure Cornstarch  - 1.5 oz (42g)
with Aloe & Vitamin E
- Desitin Rapid Relief® Diaper Rash Cream - 1/8 oz (3.5g)
With Zinc Oxide.  Helps Heal & Prevent Diaper Rash.

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